Advanced Manual Therapy at UW Medicine in Ballard

Advanced Manual Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation at Ballard
Advanced Manual Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation at Ballard 1455 NW Leary Way Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98107 206.782.0218

Advanced Manual Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, a division of Northwest Hospital’s The Sports Medicine Clinic, is an orthopedic physical therapy group that provides expert sports and orthopedic rehabilitation through manual therapy, a method that employs skilled hand techniques and exercises to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation while improving coordination, mobility and strength in muscles and joints.

The Advanced Manual Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation team includes sports, orthopedic and manual therapy specialists who provide assessment, evidence-based treatment, and individualized planning to help patients to return to their athletic pursuits and daily activities. The clinic, located on the first floor, offers comprehensive pre- and post-surgical care, including orthopedic rehabilitation, treatment for sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents, podiatry services and therapy for the neck, back and hands.

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